Experience Matters.
Loan Management Systems
Online loan management systems are rapidly moving from concept to reality while offering benefits to debt settlement agencies and their consumers. Though instantaneous omni-channel communication, financial organizations can improve employee effectiveness while driving innovation and better consumer experience in all stages of debt negotiation.

Marketplace Lending
Lending has greatly evolved over the last several years with technology innovation playing a significant role in restructuring the lending landscape to be more dynamic and responsive. Armada Labs are providing FinTechs and incumbent companies with pain-free lending software solutions to capitalize on process automation.

Our easy-to-use platform is your health plan of tomorrow. Health Finance is helping individuals get access to more convenient care, giving caregivers peace of mind, and improving medication adherence. All industry stakeholders have an opportunity to build trust through transparency, efficiency, and delivery of value.

Payments Processing
Armada Labs partnered WorldPay Group, a world-known payment processing institution. Through this collaboration, Armada Labs offers our clients an avenue to accept more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies, thus providing them with more options for FinTech commerce across the globe.

Security and Compliance
As legislation becomes law, FinTechs and incumbent financial services companies may find themselves consistently on the high end of the regulatory risk spectrum. Armada Labs suggests proactive and tangible steps they can take to help ensure their firms are set up to succeed, even in turbulent times.

Service Management Software
FireDaemon has been using our outsourced development team for the last 6 years now. Together with Armada Labs, FireDaemon became №1 vendor of service management software for Microsoft Windows whose top clients include Google, NASA, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Harvard University, IBM, Honda and EA.