Digital Banking Solution Development.

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Welcome to the new age of banking! Armada Labs delivers highly specialized services to reinvent your banking operations, delivering fully digitized banking solutions. Automate your process to benefit from autonomous, round-the clock service desk, built-in KYC/AML compliance, and omnichannel banking.
Unleash your business potential with Financial technology
Create your state-of-the-art, secure and compliant fintech solution to beat the competition and power up your business processes.
Digital Banking Software Development Services
We develop digital banking solutions tailored to your business and workflows, powering up every crucial aspect of your banking. Order a free consultation so we could select the right online banking solution for you, highly secure and digital-first in any scenario.
Core banking
Build a robust back-end system to handle daily transactions, account updates, and record management. Core banking solutions let you benefit from advanced depositing, loan and credit processing, 3rd-party interface integration, and other features.
Banking applications
Let your consumers perform trades and other deals wherever they are via a mobile phone. Mobile banking software delivers you an exceptionally new level of service with fast and secure interactions and 24/7 availability.
Component integrations
Fast-track the development of your digital banking ecosystem, using ready-made components. By integrating these with a core banking, loan management, or other fintech solution, you can jumpstart your brand-new venture asap.
Spot money laundering attempts and other fraud at the right time with the right tools. Compliant with the local and international laws, they let you stay within legal boundaries in risk monitoring, credit management, and other crucial tasks.
Open banking API
Ensure a seamless connection between developers and external payment networks, between your company and 3rd-party providers, to create entirely new offerings on top of the existing banking infrastructure.
Cloud banking
Bring an unparalleled level of security to user accounts, transaction histories, and other sensitive data by migrating it to the cloud. Cloud repositories adhere to the latest security practices.
Digitize Your Banking in Three Steps
Want to launch a new bank or a new digital banking service within the existing infrastructure? We watch your back in any case and help you set things in motion by taking the following actions:
We perform extensive research to help you find your target market and come out with a unique value proposition.
Are you looking for an expert payment software developer?
Share your project idea with us and we will get back to you shortly.
Digital Banking for Every Major Provider
Who can benefit from an online banking software? Definitely, every key player in the banking field! Everyone who is ready for changes and eagerly looks for innovative approaches.
Commercial banks
We develop cutting-edge banking CRMs, adjusting each task — account management, deposits, withdrawals, and others — to your business environment and its specifics. On top of all that, we provide comprehensive customer analytics.
Catering for investment banking needs, we create multicurrency trading platforms, portfolio management applications, M&A analytics solutions, and tools for equity and debt capital markets to optimize your workflows and guide decisions.
Leverage an all-in-one insurance solution to streamline operations such as claims management, policy administration and issuance, underwriting, risk management, and more and request a tailor-made solution to cover specific credit insurance tasks.
Credit unions
Your credit union lags behind cutting-edge competitors? We are here to meet your needs! Choose your digital banking solution — a field system, mobile wallet, shared payment platform, or another — that suits you the most, and we will deliver it for you!
Secure your brokerage operations and lift up your business with the right tools at hand; those will provide your clients with personalized dashboards, customizable watchlists, detailed and failure-proof transaction histories, and other features.
We are ready to bring your lending to a whole new level to process various types of loans with the same efficiency while minimizing associated credit risks in both business and personal loan sectors.
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