Next-gen Auto Insurance Solution for Automating Claims

One of the fastest growing auto insurance companies in the US offering digital insurance services to business and independent contractors for more than 10 years.
Business challenge

The client’s previous online insurance platform provided clients with immediate access to accessible auto insurance coverage options, allowing them to save up to 20% on insurance.

The company’s commitment to technological modernization was hindered by the lack of capacity to adopt claim procedures to the digital age’s requirements; the current platform just couldn’t ensure that.

At that time, comprehensive vetting often led to an extended processing time of a single insurance claim, leading to growing customer dissatisfaction and their lower retention. Mindful of the problem, the company was looking to shorten customer wait times while increasing service quality.
Project key facts
  • A US-based auto insurance company, one of the fastest growing companies according to Inc.500
  • Web platform
Software Development Model
Agile methodology (Kanban + Scrum)


While discussing the future project, the client introduced the following requirements:

a) migrate the legacy insurance solution to a modern web platform and transfer insurance claims to digital
b) make the insurance claiming process more efficient while keeping procedures as simple as possible
We have a long history of relations with the client, which began in 2010 when we worked on their first insurance solution. Given this and the fact that we had an excellent understanding of the client’s business, processes, and architecture, their choice of us as a software provider was made without second thought.
Technology Stack
Front-end: React + NextJS + TypeScript + MUI
Back-end: NodeJS + NestJS + TypeScript + TypeORM + PostgreSQL
4 Back-end Developers
3 Full-stack Developers
2 Front-end Developers
1 Front Lead
1 Solution Architect
4 QA Engineers
3 Business Analysts
1 Project Manager

Our approach

Having completed the initial project within the agreed timeline, we established a trusted partnership with the client that has been lasting for years up until today.

Almost a decade after the initial project delivery, the client decided it was time to upgrade the platform to meet the changed market demands. After analyzing the client’s status quo with their claim processes, we came up with the decision suggesting a complete overhaul of their legacy infrastructure.

Initially, our team of developers and BAs spent the time to understand the client’s business goals. The goal was to quickly create a modern auto insurance product that could adapt to the client’s existing architecture.

Besides the development of an innovative insurance solution and updating the existing infrastructure of the client, we also assisted them with conducting QA procedures. The work on the project lasted for more than a year.
Distinctive features
  • Instant SMS with information and a link to a detailed action plan
  • Photo sharing in claims
  • Chats with insurers
  • Video calling
  • Claim database


Legacy system upgrade was performed by the way of migrating it to the newly developed solution with a modern tech stack.

We created a web application where customers could share photos of a damaged vehicle in their claims. Insurers could evaluate the complexity of each claim and decide which claims require additional time to review, thus prioritizing them. With photos shared by the customer, a single claim could be processed in less than 10 minutes.

Business results

As a result, the claim process has been shortened, allowing insurers to use their time more efficiently while preserving exceptional customer service.

Results in figures:

  • 300% decrease in claim processing time: up to 80% are now processed within a day (compared to 4-7 days in the past)
  • An average 1.5 hours of human labor was saved per claim

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