Insurance Software Solutions Development.

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Digitize your insurance through the entire process, from claim applications and risk management to data access and underwriting, ordering professional insurance software development from Armada Labs. For our part, we deliver cutting-edge insurance software that removes friction in your current insurance services.
Our Software for Insurance Companies
Starting from the ideation stage, we design an insurance software solution that answers your needs and improves your workflows. Get the tool to automate the required tasks of your business so you could distribute available resources more wisely.
Insurance claim management software
Take smart control of insurance claims, covering data collection, authentication, carrier submission, and more, with a cutting-edge software solution. As a result, you will ensure fraud protection, reduced costs, better customer experience while staying compliant.
Risk management software
Automate data analytics and monitoring, performing the whole process in real-time. With the required set of risk libraries and reports implemented in the software we deliver, you can save time and money by identifying and classifying possible risks in due time.
Fraud detection software
Build a robust tool to timely detect and prevent fraud in insurance claims so you won’t have to pay for fraudulent applications. Our sophisticated solution will serve to alert you on suspicious claims, reject complex schemes, score vendors, and do a lot more for your security.
Insurance policy software
Ensure full compliance with state and local regulations with automated screening and auditing procedures, taking advantage of the built-in compliance with NAIC, ACORD, and other relevant regulations.
CRM / ERP platforms
Discover new business opportunities, find prospects, and automate daily tasks so you could maximize efficiency by focusing efforts on improving customer experience. We can upgrade your current CRM or ERP system, customize it with unique modules, or develop the one from scratch.
Mobile insurance applications
Leverage the power of multi-platform mobile applications ready to work with insurance claims and provide self-service to your clients, including the ability to start, suspend, and cancel the insurance coverage, submit claims, make instant inquiries through chatbots, and more.
Insurance document management software
Extend the possibilities of database management with custom-built document capture software and policy forms connected to the cloud document management platform.
Payment insurance software
Make payment processing much simpler than before by integrating a dedicated payment module into your off-the-shelf insurance system or building a tailored solution from scratch.
Insurance software integrations
Enhance your current insurance solution by choosing one of the following software integration options: adding custom features for sales, underwriting, or policy compliance, embedding the document management functionality, or integrating a CRM system.
Life insurance quoting software
Provide customized quoting for your clients by utilizing tailored software with multiple underwriting algorithms and qualitative risk assessment features to drive your calculations while keeping analytics and compliance at a high-quality level.
Serving Every Interested Party
  • Insurance carriers
  • Insurance agencies
  • Affiliate partners
  • Risk managers
  • Insurance clients
  • Underwriters
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Our Insurance Software Development Process
Get your innovative insurance software solution at reasonable costs, within a reasonable timeframe, yet with the possibilities that have no limits! We deliver it to you following our own development framework that consists of consecutive steps.
  • Defining the client’s business goals
  • Planning long-term prospects
  • Assessing the market state
  • Gathering project specifications
Benefits of an Insurtech Solution from Armada Labs

Fast claim processing

We get you covered with the solid technology stack and top developers on the market to translate your needs into accurate decision-making and fast claim settlement.

Improved customer experience

Satisfy your target clientele with predictive insurance models coupled with the intuitive user interface both on mobile and desktop devices.

Flexible coverage terms

Offer personalized insurance packages based on the customer behavior and needs to cut your acquisition costs, drive retention benchmarks, and reduce losses.

More insights

We provide you with the latest technology solutions, such as Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning, to guide your customers’ decisions with predictive analytics.

Automated fraud detection

Save time on detecting potential fraud and suspicious user behavior with autonomous tools that will reject fraudulent claims and alert you on the results.

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