"All-in-one" Digital Banking Solution for B2B Financing

A top-three privately owned Commercial Bank in Europe.
Business challenge

The client’s legacy software solutions were no longer reliable in organizing their business processes. The existing manual efforts exhausting the bank's development and support teams included daily support and maintenance of the existing off-the-shelf software, which resulted in long processing times, multiple human errors, and frequent process interruptions.

Project key facts
  • The European market, the bank operating in the consumer lending sector
  • Web application
Software Development Model
Agile methodology (Scrum + Kanban)


After developing a stable business process that generated revenue, the bank needed a reliable and experienced fintech software provider to develop custom software for the new product. One of the main requirements was a software development company that fully understands the region where the bank operates.

After a long requirements-gathering stage that lasted a few years, Armada Labs was chosen as a software provider that perfectly fit that requirement. The client asked us to build software within 6 months, based on the following goals set:

  • The creation of a single custom software solution from the ground up.
  • The solution would replace multiple products the bank previously relied on.
The client expected the software to serve its end consumers while maintaining integration with the bank’s core payments processing system and regulatory institutions.
1 Software Architect / Tech Lead
4 Back-end Developers
2 Front-end Developers
1 DevOps / Infrastructure Engineer
3 QA Engineers
2 Business Analysts
1 Project Manager
Technology Stack
Front-end: React
Back-end: .NET Core,
Database: MSSQL

Our approach

While working on the project, Armada Labs implemented the best practices in creating custom software for security-sensitive applications:

  • We selected the tech stack that would be viable in the long run according to the expected software performance indicators and the bank’s infrastructure and security limitations.
  • High emphasis was put on the secure development process according to the bank’s overall security policy.
  • The development process was highly transparent and strictly formalized to fit the bank’s project financing and audit policies.
  • During the development process, detailed functional and non-functional requirements were specified along with a comprehensive vetting process, which allowed us to eliminate software issues and reduce system maintenance costs in the long run.
  • High coverage of functionality and code with auto-tests (e2e tests, unit tests, integration tests) aimed at reducing regression and testing costs.
  • Strict project progress tracking according to the milestones set, scope creep control.
  • The whole development process was performed according to the Scrum framework, with regular sprints lasting 2 weeks.
  • In addition, there were daily stand-ups, bi-weekly sprint plannings, sprint reviews, retrospectives, and demos.
Distinctive features
  • Corporate clients contracts management
  • Client group management
  • Borrowing limits management
  • Lending product terms calculation
  • The calculation, allocation, and ordering of inbound and outbound payments
  • Arrears management
  • Deferment of payment management
  • Internal reports and reports to regulatory institutions


Within 6 months, we created an internal banking software for managing corporate clients, including multiple automated integrations with 3rd parties and the core payment processing solution of the bank, performance reports, payment calculations and money transfers, and multiple lending products.

The developed product fits well into the bank’s technical and security infrastructure, relies on the existing services such as AD, and has high reliability, performance, maintainability, and scalability standards.

The product’s UX was designed in line with other custom products of the bank, to help users save time and reduce human error risks.

Business results

As a result, the client received a robust, universal solution for seamless management of their broad product portfolio. Additionally, the following benefits were achieved:

  • Increased sales.
  • Reduced manual input.
  • Increased employee productivity.

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