Online Mortgage Brokering Platform

One of the key mortgage brokers in New Zealand, providing services in p2p lending, insurance, and investing. For 9 consecutive years, the company’s mortgage brokering solutions have been recognized with industry rewards.
Business challenge

The client teamed up with Armada Labs to implement the necessary changes to its online mortgage brokering platform to stay in line with the current market demands. As the company grows, so do the number of required mortgage brokering enhancements. At the same time, all of the change requests had to be scheduled and developed according to their precise timeline.

Being aware of our long, time-proven expertise in creating custom fintech software and having positive feedback from their business network (some of our previous clients), the client contacted Armada Labs with that issue.

Project key facts
  • New Zealand-based mortgage broker, one of the top players on the market with 10+ years of serving the broad clientele in New Zealand and beyond
  • Web platform (p2p lending)
Software Development Model
Agile methodology (Scrum)


The client set a few ambitious, yet feasible goals for our engineering team:

a) make the necessary enhancements and upgrades for the client’s current mortgage platform
b) deliver the requested changes to the platform within the agreed timeline
Technology Stack
.Net framework + Angular UI
1 Software Architect / Tech Lead
4 Back-end Developers
2 Front-end Developers
1 QA Engineers
1 Project Manager

Our approach

Continuous development has been going on for more than 2 years now. During the process, all the project architecture, infrastructure, and design details go through the client’s approval before we implement them.

From the very beginning, the project has been approached according to Armada Labs’ best practices in creating custom fintech solutions for high-risk and security-sensitive applications:

  • Selecting the tech stack that would be viable in the long run according to the expected software performance indicators and the client’s infrastructure and security limitations
  • High emphasis on secure development process according to the client’s overall security policy
  • High transparency and strict formalization of the development process to fit the client’s mortgage brokerage policies
  • Detailed functional and non-functional requirements specification and vetting process to eliminate software issues and reduce system maintenance costs in the long run
  • High coverage of functionality and code with auto-tests (e2e tests, unit tests, integration tests) aimed at reducing regression and testing costs
  • Strict project progress tracking according to the milestones set, scope creep control
  • Scrum framework, 4 weekly sprints
  • Meetings: daily stand-ups, bi-weekly sprint plannings, sprint reviews, retrospectives, demos
Distinctive features
  • LOO wizard to automatically generate LOO documents per individual work items
  • Application tab with all the information associated with the borrower’s application
  • Expanded Profile tab with the borrower’s various data points
  • Updated servicing calculations, with more details based on the lender’s specific settings
  • Email integration, including the ability to track email IDs up to the whole email chain associated with the original email in the client’s portal


So far, we’ve implemented the following improvements to the client’s platform:

  • Automated LOO (letter of offer) document generation through a dedicated wizard where users can make selections of fields to show/hide, fill in the missing data points, and preview the final document (users can go back to editing if needed) before generating it
  • A dedicated tab for borrowers’ application info (the information they entered into their application). The first phase is viewing data and the second phase is updating data
  • More details on borrowers’ data
  • More detailed servicing calculations which now include information based on the lender’s settings
  • Traceable email IDs allow viewing the whole email chain associated with the original email inside the client’s portal

Meanwhile, we are planning to fine-tune some of the above functionalities; for instance, we plan to provide borrowers with the ability to start an application from the logged-in state, without needing to go to an online loan application. They will simply update the data inside their logged-in state and create an application in this way.

Also, we are going to incorporate servicing calculations values and outputs as another data point in the lead router. We will assign indicators like the probability of success scores based on these values. Eventually, we are going to feed this data into a credit engine for deal scoring and auto-approval.

Finally, we will add improvements that will allow the client’s portal to call emails from Outlook and display them when a user actively refreshes/asks for the emails from the New Emails tab. Users will be able to tag an email inside Outlook to display it back in the portal.

Business results

We deliver the client a better system with a more stable core, which primarily allows them to increase employee productivity. Now, the client may already count on a dramatic increase in sales thanks to reduced manual work and employee involvement in the mortgage distribution process.

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