Wealth Management and Investment Software Development.

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Turn a new page of your wealth management and investment decision-making by digitizing crucial banking operations, equipping yourself with smart tools for real-time market analytics, and utilizing solutions for real-time AML and KYC audits. At your request, our team of seasoned wealth management software developers will deliver you an “all-in-one” solution combining all these features, or develop a dedicated module to serve the specific areas of your operation.
Unleash your business potential with Financial technology
Create your state-of-the-art, secure and compliant fintech solution to beat the competition and power up your business processes.
Our solutions for Wealth Management and Investment Management
Our wealth management and investment management software solutions can be divided into four broad types, each resolving a particular set of challenges in the industry. Choose the one that suits your business case, and we will develop best-in-class-class software for you.
Banking software development
Build a universal banking software solution covering all the essential banking operations, from digital banking to treasury management, or opt for a more specialized solution to deliver more narrowly-focused services.
Investment management software
Manage your investment operations even more effectively, taking advantage of agile operations and fast and accurate monitoring ensured by robo-advisor tools embedded in your investment management solution.
Risk and compliance software
Stay updated on your credit, market, and operational risks, having a holistic overview of your compliance status in each crucial aspect, with the best AML advice promptly provided to you.
Capital market solutions
Deliver economies of scale by providing traders with a universal platform for on-the-go, remote trading. Couple it with market forecasting tools to deliver a top-grade user experience.
Our services for Wealth and Investment Management
KYC & AML software development
Streamline user verification procedures while staying compliant with local regulations; at your request, we can develop software that will screen over 3,000 documents across the world’s jurisdictions to ensure your full compliance.
Fintech regulatory compliance audit
Gain a deeper understanding of your procedures compliance with emerging fintech regulations where the compliance software is no longer efficient; our in-house experts will accompany you with strategic and legal support as your fintech business grows.
Blackbox underwriting software
Extract meaningful insights from consumer behavior (like purchasing history, average speed and mileage for car insurance) by tracking and recording the related data for more accurate, data-driven underwriting decisions.
PCI DSS compliance audit
Ensure your consumers’ card information is stored and processed in a secure environment by trusting our legal consultants with conducting due diligence of your requirements and performance to identify areas that require security improvements.
Trust the true experts with developing your software
Are you looking for an expert wealth management software development company? Share your project idea with us, and we will get back to you shortly.
Our software development process
Our delivery process goes beyond a simple implementation of the requested solution; instead, it entails the entire workflow end-to-end, from the moment of the first contact to post-release maintenance and support. See it yourself!
  • You reach us via the preferred medium, and we start the initial discussion.
Benefits of Wealth Management Solutions from Armada Labs

Real-time investment consulting

Fine-tune investment recommendations within your platform with powerful automated tips that help you stay up to date with the actual financial picture.

Automated procedures

Streamline multiple tasks and processes executed daily — client onboarding, relations management, reporting, and more — with a set of automated modules that will help you cut operational costs, save time, and deliver more value.

Intuitive end-user experience

Make the work of your employees and consumers fast and flawless by providing them with dedicated performance and analytical tools to monitor and process massive data volumes at a time and guide advisors with data-driven market insights.

Direct client-advisor communication

Establish universal channels of communication for clients and advisors by adding text messaging and video chat features and the calendar to schedule meetings.

Innovative technologies

Gain the edge in the race against competitors with AI- and ML-based prediction modeling features providing you with data-driven insights in real-time.

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