Loan Management System for SME Lending

Nuula, a U.S.-based enterprise with an HQ in Coral Springs, Florida, providing financial services for the SME sector.
Business challenge
Nuula lacked a financial solution that would provide instant, simple, and low-cost business loan options for the clients from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. based on their financial needs (required amount of funds, how soon funds are needed, and how they will be used)
Project key facts
  • The U.S. market, global loan management
  • Web application, web services
  • Extensive integration with Salesforce
Project duration
1 year
Software Development Model


On a business level, the Armada Labs team was tasked to develop a full-scale financial solution for automated loan management in the SME sector, including instant loan application processing. On the technical side of the task, our goal was to implement a web service wrapper (REST) that will accept inputs from a calling application (such as Salesforce and others). Then, it will call the existing Lexis Nexis wrapper along with initiating calls to an R script in the DeployR API.

5 Developers
2 QA Engineers
2 Business Analysts
1 Project Manager
Technology Stack
Platform: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Web server: Microsoft IIS
Database server: MS SQL Server
Backend: .Net Framework 4.5, C#
Additional tools: Profilers, Atlassian Confluence, Visual Paradigm Agilian, Balsamiq Mockups, MS TFS, MS TFS Test Manager


Armada Labs delivered a full-featured SME-focused loan management platform, ISO Portal, for Nuula's client scope mentioned above.The platform enabled fast and seamless loan underwriting, document review, and online management of clients' data based on machine learning algorithms. The project development process consisted of two stages. At the first stage, we built a web service that handled requests from the calling application and authenticated those requests through user ID identification and token authentication. Initially, we developed the platform for Tracker DB. At the second stage, we refactored the developed platform in a way that allowed it to interact with Salesforce instead of the source database. We used the Salesforce WSDL that processed all the required interactions between ISO Portal and Salesforce. As a result, ISO Portal saved applications into Salesforce and pulled the existing dealer applications from it.

  1. Cost-effective financing

    Customers can now apply for loans and receive up to $500,000 in funding with no origination fees.

  2. Broad client outreach

    The platform provides financial options for businesses independently of the area of their operation

  3. Absolute privacy

    The secure Nuula website doesn’t share clients’ sensitive and financial data with third parties unbeknownst to them (the clients).

  4. Transaction transparency

    Clients can view the history of their deals with a breakdown into submitted, pre-approved, approved, funded, and declined transactions, from a dedicated dashboard

  5. Frictionless user experience

    The web interface is adjusted to every device type so that users can use the platform equally convenient on any type of device: PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Distinctive features
  • Personalized funding options based on the client's financial data
  • Built-in algorithms for automatic loan distribution and online data management
  • Full compatibility with the Salesforce CRM

About Nuula

Nuula is a U.S.-based enterprise serving financial needs of the SME sector. The company has an eponymous digital lending platform that provides small businesses with flexible financing options. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the platform automatically selects simple underwriting and property solutions for clients across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Since its establishment in 2002, Nuula has provided more than $2bn in total funding volume to over 23,000 small businesses from more than 400 industries.

The choice of Armada Labs as a developer of our project was obvious to us, taking into account its extraordinary experience providing custom loan management solutions to a global clientele. The team delivered a full-scale platform in no delay, ensuring fast and reliable loan provision to our customers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

COO, Nuula

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