Regulatory Compliance Software Development.

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Are you at risk of compliance breach within your company’s internal processes, customer relations, or external business affairs? Don’t risk your reputation! Instead, contact the Armada Labs team! We are here to provide you with a fully compliant solution to capture and deliver real-time insights (for risk management, transaction monitoring, customer authentication, and other compliance applications) for you and ensure the maximum regulatory security of your B2B and (or) B2C operations.
Unleash your business potential with Financial technology
Create your state-of-the-art, secure and compliant fintech solution to beat the competition and power up your business processes.
Regulatory technology & software development services
We design and deliver Regtech solutions to ease the burden of your financial tasks that must be always compliant across countries and their jurisdictions. With such regulations as GDPR, PSD2, and others, the sector is strictly regulated already — understanding this, we make sure you get a regulatory compliance solution to help you stay in line with the law.
Risk management software
Close gaps in your firm’s internal compliance with an intelligent regulatory software that detects current and potential regulatory pitfalls and provides recommendations on their resolution and prevention.
Transaction and reporting tools
Build an AML solution to track transactions and alert on potentially malicious and non-compliant ones at the most likely points where user identity can be stolen: new account opening, account takeover, and checkout.
Customer authentication tools
Provide strong customer authentication through the ongoing activity monitoring and verification, behavioral biometrics, and improved authentication processes, all guaranteed by GDPR-, PSD2-, and SCA-compliant Regtech solutions.
KYC & KYB solutions
Effortlessly verify the identity of any user or business, from any demographic (under-banked, unbanked, bad actors, high-risk individuals, and more) or jurisdiction by building identities from customer data and comparing them against common identity databases and private
Digital identity management software
Provide a reliable ecosystem where users can own and manage their data, with recognition claims and biometric data from identity documents securely validated by suppliers through checking against watch lists like Interpol, OFAC, POP, and others
Risk scoring & analytics tools
Build your own risk scoring model with no friction by pooling risk data from multiple resources (customer data, currency, occupation, business information, and others) in real-time, or use the ready templates for risk scoring and rating.
Regtech software helps you comply in 4 steps
Customer onboarding
While customers go through account registration, their documents — identity, finances, and assets — are thoroughly verified against fraud and for compliance.
Activity monitoring
Once customers are verified and granted access, the system keeps monitoring their activity to make sure all their actions are always compliant.
Fraud alerts
When tracking consumer activities, the system uses Machine Learning tools to detect suspicious activities like fraud, money laundering, and others.
Real-time reporting
If the system defines that customers’ actions don’t comply with regulations, it marks their activities as illegal and reported to responsible bodies
Trust the true experts with developing your software
Are you looking for an expert wealth management software development company? Share your project idea with us, and we will get back to you shortly.
Our Software Development Process
Our delivery process goes beyond a simple implementation of the requested solution; instead, it entails the entire workflow end-to-end, from the moment of the first contact to post-release maintenance and support. See it yourself!
  • You reach us via the preferred medium, and we start the initial discussion.
Benefits of Regtech solutions from Armada Labs

Unparalleled work efficiency

Automate compliance checks and due diligence inside your enterprise to reach outstanding performance figures through boosted working productivity.

“Smart” risk management

Couple your Regtech solution with the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to keep track of, detect, and prevent fraud at very early stages.


Ensure autonomous execution of multiple daily compliance tasks, such as consumer registration, document verification, customer activity monitoring, and more, to exclude risks associated with manual processing.

Faster data collection

Improve your risk and compliance management with reliable Regtech tools to automate data processing and collection while minimizing security risks.

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