Online Payments Platform

A national payment & acquiring platform for merchants that was expanding internationally, with major competitors such as Stripe, GoPay, and others.
Business challenge

The client’s goal was to provide a revolutionary approach for its merchants and prevent them from ever having to go to any other solution provider. Their previous acquiring platform was a ready white label solution that was missing the key features the client wanted to offer its customers, to provide total transparency and control over the merchant transactions.

Knowing about Armada Labs’ experience creating custom fintech software, the unmatched quality of products, and reasonable hourly rates, they requested our professional help.

Project key facts
  • A company with an international team of developers/business professionals across 4 countries.
  • Web platform
Software Development Model
Agile methodology (Kanban + Scrum)


Our team was tasked to:

a) create a single custom software solution from the ground up
b) enhance the client’s existing team
c) provide the top expertise in Fintech by delivering a tailor-made product (higher-end and business-oriented).
The product should have given the Merchant total control over their payment options, pricing, policies, financial reporting, and business structure, and ensured efficient and easy accounting and reconciliation.
Technology Stack
Front-end: React + NextJS + TypeScript + MUI
Back-end: NodeJS + NestJS + TypeScript + TypeORM + PostgreSQL
Armada Labs Team:
4 Back-end Developers
3 Full-stack Developers
2 Front-end Developers
2 Front Leads
4 QA Engineers
3 Business Analysts
1 Project Manager
Client side:
3 Product Owners
1 Scrum Master
1 Back-end Architect

Our approach

For the project, we provided full development and close daily work with the client’s team as consulting and technology partners.

Given the solution’s complex architecture, the project was scheduled as long-term, without any defined timeline (at least several years). During that time, our team’s role was to enhance and support all parts of the solution, making sure it’s trendy and up-to-date.

The project was approached according to Armada Labs’ best practices in creating custom software for high-risk and security-sensitive applications:

  • We selected a tech stack that would be viable in the long run according to the expected software performance indicators and the client’s infrastructure and security limitations
  • High emphasis was put on the secure development process according to the client’s overall security policy
  • High transparency and strict formalization of the development process to fit the client’s project financing and audit policies
  • The detailed functional and non-functional requirements specification and vetting process to eliminate software issues and reduce system maintenance costs in the long run
  • High coverage of functionality and code with auto-tests (e2e tests, unit tests, integration tests) aimed at reducing regression and testing costs
  • Strict project progress tracking according to the milestones set, scope creep control
  • Scrum framework, two sprints per week
  • Meetings: daily stand-ups, bi-weekly sprint plannings, sprint reviews, retrospectives, demos
Distinctive features
  • Self-service online onboarding
  • Dashboards and detailed transaction overview
  • Finance and fees management
  • A variety of supported payment options
  • Card payments and acquiring links supported
  • Location items and product pricing management
  • Buy now, pay later
  • Comprehensive reporting and reconciling module


The delivered product could be integrated with the key financial players, such as card scheme providers, capturing services, payment portals, accounting, and others.

It allowed customers to track their cash flows in an easy and user-friendly way at the level of different involvements, departments, and management. It tailored the user’s visibility according to their role; from the group’s owner to a local sales point manager, from a transnational brand to a local online startup.

Business results
The delivered solution significantly accelerated the process of integrating key features into the solution for customers. As a result, the client gained competitive advantage in their local market and managed to easily launch their product on an international scale.

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